Pirelli MT21 tires for Honda 250 Rally

My OEM IRC tires were not quite done yet, but I wanted to try something else. Some of the options (like Kenda K270s) that were recommended by Rally and 250 L riders were not easily available in my neck of the woods so I opted for the Pirellis. I almost went for the Heidenau K60s because of their durability, but the pattern was not “agressive” enough. I’m assuming the Pirellis will wear out much faster than the Heidenaus, but the expense is not that big of a deal. Dual sport tires are relatively cheap compared to street bike rubber.

Sizes: front: 90/90 -21, rear: 120/80 -18

I will update my impressions on the tires once I get some miles with them.

FRONT at Amazon.com ($88.59)
Pirelli MT 21 Front Tire – 90/90-21 0341100

REAR at Amazon.com ($99.59)
Pirelli MT 21 Dual Purpose Motorcycle Rear Tire, RR 120/80-18

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  1. T-Lex says:

    Funny, ordered the same tires on Thursday and still waiting for them. 🙂

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  2. My owner’s manual on the Honda CRF250 Rally 2017 says it has tubeless tires.
    That’s hard to believe because of the spokes, but the manual states it crystal clear.
    Can you confirm that?


    1. 250rally says:

      Interesting. While one can install tubeless tires on the bike, inner tubes are a must. There is no way you can run without inner tubes without modifications to the stock rims.

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      1. Svendura says:

        Thanks a lot. Now I’ve got it. The tires are of the tubeless type , but nonetheless the motorbike has got tubes in it. That was a misunderstanding of the manual on my side.
        By the way: Yours is the most interesting site dealing with the Rally, I’ve ever seen. Thanks für the good work, buddy!
        Kind regards,
        Svenja, Kiel/Germany

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    2. T-Lex says:

      The difference between a tubeless or a tubed tire is the bead construction. Rubber itself is the same. From the factory the Rally comes with a tubed IRC tire and you can see it on the side of the wall of the tire. If it says “tubed type” then it’s tubed, otherwise it would say “tubeless”.

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