Honda CRF 250 Rally tire choices – help out and submit yours!

I’ve been battling with which tires to choose to replace the OEM set. There is a huge selection of different options out there and many different outside the factory spec sizes will fit and work. The problem is to know which ones will fit, as tire dimensions differ greatly, even if the specs are the same. Some reference pics and user experiences would be especially valuable when someone has succesfully mounted tires outside the factory spec ones.

I thought it would be helpful to all Rally (and CRF 250L) riders to gather a database of different tires that owners have fitted on their bikes. This info can be in part found at different forums and owners groups, but it’s a real chore to mine for that info.

What I hope to get from you Rally owners?

1. Photos from your tires (mounted on the bike of course)

  • Photos that show clearances would be ideal
  • especially the space between the tire and rear swing is often crucial

 2. Specs of the tires shown in the photos

  • Make, model, height and width
  • Example: Rear: Pirelli MT21, 120/80 -18, Front: Pirelli MT21, 90/90 -21

3. Your opinion on the tires (optional)

4. Your photo credit info and possible links to your homepage etc.
I will credit the photos with your name if you want and add a link to your homepage, YouTube channel or what have you, if you so desire.

You can send the photos and specs to me by e-mail at honda250rally (at)

To get this going I will start

Pirelli MT21

Specs: Rear: Pirelli MT21, 120/80 -18, Front: Pirelli MT21, 90/90 -21

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Michelin  Desert / Michelin T63

Specs: Rear: Michelin T63 130/80/18, Front: Michelin DESERT 90/90/21
Honda CRF 250 Rally with Michelin T63 130/80/18 rear and Michelin DESERT 90/90/21 front. Photo credit: Hervé, France


Comments by Hervé
Aucun changement de comportement ni de performance sur le bitumpe par rapport à la monte d’origine,uniquement un grip supplementaire sur la terre et c’est uniquement celà que je recherche car je n’utilise ma Rally que sur les pistes….

Google translation
No change in behavior or performance on the asphalt compared to the original tires, only an extra grip on the ground and that’s only thing what I’m looking for because I use my Rally on the tracks….


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