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I was promptly banned today for 2weeks and technically justly so. It seems that I messed up setting Up tapatalk on my new phone that I got on wednesday. As I replaced the ”sent from my phone x”  message with my own signature line with a link to my blog it included it on every post I made since. It did it on the actual post, not on signature on the bottom. I realized had happened only after the ban as I entered the forum with a browser. My apologies.

This makes no sense for you people that aren’t forum inmates, but I wanted to post this just to let possible inmates know I wasn’t being a dick on purpose.



19 thoughts on “Banned from

  1. The mighty banhammer smites all !
    Been there myself on a forum Id been on for years, added an extra line to my signature which made it 4 lines instead of maximum 3. >>Bannage<< pending review, lol, was back on in 24hrs thankfully.
    Them were the days 🙂

    Just got my CRF250 Rally btw, not joined ADVRider yet, but loving it so far 🙂


    1. Because of the phone signature line cock up, I was considered to be “pushing” my blog on my posts. Granted, but an honest mistake. I would have appreciated a warning first, so I could have fixed the issue without the need for a ban.


      1. What a load of rubbish why ban you that’s a load of pony from some sad idiots !! I am on that forum and think your blog is brilliant.
        And don’t think your pushy at all !!


      2. I was banned from a certain thread without any warning, no note nothing. I asked the mods why and they said I posted some political related stuff which would be against the forum rules. But the forum rules said nothing about it at the time I posted. After that they adjusted the forum rules.


    1. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support, but don’t get in trouble because of me. I feel that I was slapped pretty hard without a warning, but no use complaining about even if my wrongdoing was unintentional.

      I also really appreciate posting my blog comments on the thread as I can’t even read any threads if I’m signed in let alone message anyone.

      I’ve explained myself to the best of my ability and try to be a contributing member when I’ve done my time.


  2. Hello mate. I think your website is a great addition to the rally owners thread that I started on Adv rider. I’m very annoyed that they have banned you!! I started the thread so surely I should get a say and be able to ban the trolls. Hope to see you back soon. Keep up the in depth blog/website love you pics and technical explanations.


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    1. Thanks for the support! My ban will be lifted eventually, no biggie in the big picture.

      The trolls (which kind of got me too) are a bigger problem imo. Your excellent thread keeps getting derailed by a few people and it’s annoying as **ll.


  3. I’m also an Advrider member (Boxerbro), I support you and your Blog, it’s very informative and helpful. I’m sure any current or prospective Rally owner, would be very greatfull for the tips, information and experiences you provide, on your blog, as I have. Look forward to any new contributions, either on your blog or the Advrider site, once the ban is lifted.

    I simply don’t understand why you got the ban, but hopefully the Rally owners thread can get back to its origins, that Ferdie started.


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  4. Yup, trolls are under every bridge, so ”blog carefully”. I like what you’ve done, so please keep at it. I love my Rally and it’s ABS. Great footpeg selection. I am fiddling around with the ”accessory connector” up under the right hand fairing. Trying to find an economical method for utilizing it.


  5. Can’t believe the ADV trolls got you banned on a technicality – goes to show that site prefers argumentative trolls that generate short term post counts over long term legit members that add knowledge and value to users.

    Losing interest in ADVrider – trolling there is getting to be a big turn-off. The ignore function is keep it somewhat readable for now – never used it before but I’m liking it now!

    Hang in there… keep up the good Rally blog, I’ve referred it plenty.


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