Protecting the plastics

Plastidipped Honda CRF 250 RallyTrip to Estonia is looming ahead. I need to strap the Giant Loop bags on the bike which means that the rear plastics would get scratched to s**t. On a bike like this, that should not really matter, but I decided to try to protect them anyway. 

At first I tried using clear rubber paint (not PlastiDip brand) which produced horrible results. Then I tried applying vinyl wrapping, but the awkward shape (and my lack of skill) of the rear plastics again lead to ugly results. 

As my final attempt, I changed the paint brand to Maston and the paint color to matte black. Success! I applied several coats, but it remains to be seen if it will actually hold up under the bags.

5 thoughts on “Protecting the plastics

  1. Hi m8
    A few marks will add to the bike
    I have just been to Estonia and found it to be the best place on my 3 week Eastern Europe + Sweden/ Norway/ Denmark trip
    If you get a chance go to Tallin, which is very nice with plenty to do
    I went on a F800 GS adventure which I ditched as soon as I got back to UK
    I now have a rally and despite all the crap talk that these bikes need more power, I have found that it is a pleasure to ride + 91 mpg
    I am adding some bits to it and look forward to doing a big trip next year
    Just be careful in Estonia and all Eastern Europe as most of the MAX speed limits are 56 mph
    And they do like a speed trap
    If you get a chance, go to Narva which is on the Russian Border
    They is a nice little cafe called Old Trafford and dispite the reviews was a great place to eat and good prices
    Good luck and enjoy

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  2. Once you have finished protecting the panels, by applying coats of paint, is it possible to remove the paint again without damaging the underlying plastic (as would be the case with vinyl sheets)? If it is not possible to get the paint off without damaging the underlying plastic, how does the paint protect them?


  3. Hi,
    So, you’ve done the Estonia trip: how did the panels stand up to the luggage? Scuffed?
    Scratched? Ruined?

    (Personally, I’m not a fan of the colour/decals on the Rally. I would change to something far less ‘RED!’ as soon as different coloured panels and fenders become available. Until then, and if they don’t scratch too much, I’d even consider painting all the plastics… really don’t like that RED!)


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