SW-Motech barback risers for Honda 250 Rally

This is what the box contains
Off with the old ones
This is what the cables look like from the factory. (Minus the bird crap)

The SW-Motech barback risers came yesterday and I installed them on the same day.

As I suspected the stock cables were too short for the bars to be able to fit properly without some additional work.

The biggest problem was the brake cable. I don’t see any way to get any similar risers to work without freeing some cables first.

The brake cable is held in place with a metal bracket which I removed completely. ( it also has 2 electric cables attached to it) Once removed there was sufficient amount of slack and there is no binding at any steering position.

This the bracket I removed
Clutch cable unhooked
The “after” shot of the cables
As with any good installation, there were parts left over

I also freed the clutch cable from the metal hook to get more free play.

Once I got the bars lined up, I loosely zip tied the free cables to the beforementioned metal wire hook. This way they stay in check , but are also able to move freely enough.


As a side effect there is now more room between the screen and the hand guards at full lock.


The end result
Sw-Motech up & back barback risers on Honda CRF 250 Rally

The product itself seems to be discontinued, but they can still be found at Amazon and ebay.

Amazon link:SW-MOTECH handlebar barbacks for 7/8″ / 22mm diameter handlebars. 31mm up, 22mm back. Black powdercoating.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Why did you decide to go with bar risers, rather than taller bars?
    I recently fitted a set of Renthal RC High bars to my Rally. They are the same bend as stock, but 22mm taller. The slight rise makes a nice difference when standing up etc, and the Renthal bars are stronger than the OEM item.


    1. 250rally says:

      I quess I took the easy way. Simpler and faster install than changing the bars.


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