Battery tender plug & charge indicator

The man flu is still keeping me down, but I got around to installing the battery tender plug & charge indicator. The idea is that I can see the condition of the battery at a glance and keep the battery charged during the winter without the need to attach cables to the battery or open any panels to access the battery.

CTEK battery comfort indicator and charging plug

I had some trouble finding a good spot for the plug, but finally settled in placing on a small crevice between the rear plastic panel and tool box. It’s now neatly out of the way and I can see it easily when approaching the bike.

I though about running the wires so that I could mount the plug on the dash as I did on my 660 Tenere, but gave up on that idea. No need for constant battery monitoring as this is a Honda.

First location was inside the tool box, but that was a crap idea
The plug is neatly tucked away behind the tool box lid


Amazon has the plugs >> CTEK (56-382) Comfort Indicator Eyelet for M8 Top Post Batteries


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  1. Davo In Bali says:

    What charger plugs into this fitting ?
    .., I have 2 chargers here at home – but their connector type are different than your charger plug .., as they both have a fitting that has a long, fat (female) HOLE .., and next to that hole is an exposed long , fat exposed PIN (male) and this fits into a similar fitting thats is permanently attached the bikes battery (but does not have the battery indicators as yours does)

    Here is a link to a picture showing the type of plug connection as described above :


      1. Davo In Bali says:

        Thx, I haven’t seen that brand in my parts 😦 .., those battery level indicator lights add a real nice touch . I haven’t seen that all in one feature before (charge indicator + recharge point) .., very schmick


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