GPS & phone mount for Honda CRF 250 Rally

GPS / phone mount version 1.0

For this first experiment I used an SW-Motech RAM-Mount combo that I have as a left over from a previous bike. The end result seems like a working solution, but not quite as elegant as I would like. I also mounted my way-past-it’s-prime-TomTom on just to see how it looks.

RAm-Mount X-Grip on Honda 250 Rally
TomTom on a Bags-Connection RAM-compatible pouch


5 thoughts on “GPS / phone mount version 1.0

    1. The Touratech –

      ; is made for 12 mm bars unfortunately .., but a bracket could be adapted to still fit the touratech to the Rally’s accessories bar (above the speedo). The Touratech GPS mount also uses a ball ram mount as an attachment to the bike .., but that method defeats the purpose of buying a ridiculously expensive neat and tidy lockable GPS holder because the ram / ball method is bulky, ugly and easily accessible in seconds to any thief (while you blink) ie; undo the ram, yank and run 😦


  1. Givi make a cheaper option also ., and with a lower profile (ie sits closer to the bar and lower than the tom-tom in the photo


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