Honda CRF 250 RAlly OEM tires, IRC Trails GP 21-F / 22-R

Honda 250 Rally OEM tires

The bike seems to come equipped with IRC tires. IRC Trails GP 21-F / 22-R to be exact. I’ve never heard of IRC tires until now, but at least they look ok. I’ll keep an open mind an see how they work.


REAR 120/80-18 M/C 62P
FRONT 3.00 – 21 51P

STOCK RIMS on the CRF 250 Rally are

D.I.D JAPAN 96 –08 08–
J 21 x 1.60 9 16 DOT

D.I.D JAPAN 92 — 10 1415
J 18×2.15 9 16 DOT

UPDATE [17.11.2017]
Pay attention when ordering new tires.  You can fit lots of different tires on the rim, but may run in to trouble with clearance. I mounted a 120/90 – 18 Mitas Co2 at the rear, but the swing is not long enough to actually run that tire. The width was ok, but as the tire was a studded winter tire there was only a 3mm clearance to the rear swing AFTER removing the mud flap. Go there -> to laught at my mistake.

4 thoughts on “Honda 250 Rally OEM tires

    1. I will be installing rim locks , and eventually Mitas E-07 Dakar tires (dakar version has thicker sidewall that holds up better with less pinch flats when running low tire pressures) .., It is a 50/50 tire with good grip (apparently) on an off road (to an extent for a 50/50 .., and long wearing .., as a lot of time between trips away will be commuting around town. After the stockies wear down I should know which direction to go . Tire choices are very limited here in Indonesia.


  1. My L came equipped with IRC tires as well. I didn’t know they even made motorcycle tires,but I have used and been pleased with IRC tires on mtn bikes (bicycle) for many years. So far I’m happy with them on the street (where mine spends most of it’s time…I have a 250X that’s also plated,it’s for sale but it gets the trail time while I still have it 😛 )


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